2011 Puerto Rico Workshops

Meeting Details
Date11/15 - 11/15
LocationSan Juan, Puerto Rico

The following workshops were part of the Puerto Rico Pavement Preservation Conference held in San Juan, Puerto Rico in November 2011.

# Name Organization Presentation Title PDF
1Alvin GutierrezFHWAPuerto Rico Preservation Initiative
2Tom VanFHWAFHWA Initiatives and New Roles
3Larry GalehouseNCPPNCPP Initiatives and AASHTO TSP2 Roles
4Luis RodriguezFHWAIntegration of Pavement Preservation into Pavement Management Program
5Rod BirdsallPRDOTPreservation Perspective - Flexible Pavement Industry
6Larry ScofieldIGGAPreservation Perspective - Rigid Pavement Industry
7Mike StenkoARTBAPreservation Perspective - Bridge Preservation Industry
8Larry GalehouseNCPPProject Selection Strategies
9Larry ScofieldIGGARigid Pavement Preservation
10Mike StenkoTranspo Industries, Inc.Bridge Preservation
11Mike PolackE.J. Breneman, LPCold In-place Recycling
12Mike PolackE.J. Breneman, LPFull Depth Reclaiming and Soil Stabilization
13Hector R. LaureanoPR Highway and Transportation AuthorityOur Perspective on the Future of the National Bridge Inventory (NBI) Asset Management
14Colin DurantePavement Technology, Inc.Flexible Pavement Preservation with Rejuvenators
15Larry GalehouseNCPPCrack Sealing & Crack Filling
16Jim MoulthropFP2 Inc.Introduction to Slurry Seals and Microsurfacing
17Jim MoulthropFP2 Inc.Thin Asphalt Overlays for Pavement Preservation

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