2009 Midwestern States Recycling Conference

Meeting Details
Date08/04 - 08/13
LocationMinneapolis, Minnesota
Hot In-Place Recycling
Patrick Faster - Gallagher Asphalt
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# Name Organization Presentation Title Video PDF
1MnROADMnDOTMidstate Reclamation Demo ProjectWatch---
2Tom SorelMnDOTWelcome/Opening Remarks Part 1Watch---
3Derrell TurnerFHWA, Minnesota Division OfficeWelcome/Opening Remarks Part 2Watch
4Steve MuncyARRAWelcome/Opening Remarks Part 3Watch
5Francois ChaignonColas Inc.Sustainability: The International PerspectiveWatch
6Peter StephanosHQ Office of Pavement TechnologyOverview of FHWA 'Recycle First' Policies and InitiativesWatch
7Wayne KoberCenter for Environmental Excellence, AASHTOAASHTO Environmental Considerations for In-Place RecyclingWatch
8Sohila BemanianParsons Transportation Group Inc.Project Selection Criteria for In-Place RecyclingWatch
9State RepresentativesDOTs - ND, SD, MN, WI, MI, NE, KS, IA, MO, INPublic Agency Discussions On Why In-Place Recycling Is Not Utilized MoreWatch
10Joe SchroerMODOTMissouri's Full Depth Reclamation ExperienceWatch
11Dave SchinckelMonatts Inc.Full Depth Reclamation - Additive Selection GuidelinesWatch
12Darrell PettisLe Sueur County Highway DepartmentFull Depth Reclamation - The Le Sueur County ExperienceWatch
13Chuck JahrenIowa State UniversityAged Material Properties of CIR Asphalt RoadsWatch
14Tom JohnsonMidstate Reclamation Inc.Cold In-Place RecyclingWatch
15Ross EberleKadrmas Lee & JacksonCold In-Place Recycling - Barnes CountyWatch
16Roy RisskyKDOTHot In-Place Recycling - Kansas PerspectiveWatch
17Patrick FasterGallagher AsphaltHot In-Place RecyclingWatch
18Jon EppsGranite ConstructionPerformance-Based In-Place Recycling SpecificationsWatch
19Dave RettnerAmerican EngineeringCIR/FDR Mix Design ConsiderationsWatch
20Mike VothFederal LandsNon-state DOT ApplicationsWatch
21Jason HarringtonFHWACold In-Place Recycling 2004 Review and 2009 UpdateWatch
22State RepresentativesDOTs - ND, MN, WI, MI, KS, IA, MS, IN, TNLessons Learned: How Will States Implement In-Place Recycling?Watch---
23Cecil L. JonesNCDOTThe Next Step: Meeting the Challenge for Energy and the EnvironmentWatch

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