2010 Northeast & Mid-Atlantic States Recycling Conference

Meeting Details
Date08/24 - 08/26
LocationHarrisburg, Pennsylvania
Project Selection Criteria for In-Place Recycling
Sohila Bemanian - Parsons Transportation Group Inc.
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# Name Organization Presentation Title Video PDF
1R. Scott ChristiePennDOTWelcomeWatch---
2Renee SigelFHWA PA Division OfficeWelcomeWatch---
3Steve MuncyARRAWelcomeWatch
4Julie BuffenbargerLaFargeThe Sustainable Highway: Implementation of Green Rating Systems Within Transportation InfrastructureWatch
5Peter StephanosHQ Office of Pavement Technology, FHWAOverview of FHWA Recycle First Policies and InitiativesWatch
6Elisabeth KolbNew York State DOTAASHTO Environmental Excellence & NYSDOT's GreenLITES Program - Tools for SustainabilityWatch
7Chris RaymondOntario Ministry of TransportationIn-Place Recycling - Moving Towards A Sustainable FutureWatch
8Sohila BemanianParsons Transportation Group Inc.Project Selection Criteria for In-Place RecyclingWatch
9NJ, DE, MD, VA, WVState AgenciesPublic Agency Discussions On Barriers to In-Place RecyclingWatch
10DC, PA, VT, NHState AgenciesPublic Agency Discussions On Barriers to In-Place RecyclingWatch
11ME, MA, NYState AgenciesPublic Agency Discussions On Barriers to In-Place RecyclingWatch
12Dave CannonMt. Carmel Stabilization Group Inc.Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) OverviewWatch
13Brian DiefenderferVirginia DOT FDR In VA State Case StudyWatch
14Jon D. RaabGeo-Technology Associates, Inc.FDR In PA County Case StudyWatch
15Mike PolakE.J. Breneman Inc. Cold In-Place Recycling (CIR) OverviewWatch
16Thomas KaneNew York DOT CIR In NY State Case studyWatch
17Alan S. KercherKercher Engineering, Inc. CIR In DE County Case StudyWatch
18Pat FasterGallagher Asphalt Hot In-Place Recycling (HIR) OverviewWatch
19Anthony LaVigneEssex County Department of Public Works HIR In NY County Case StudyWatch
20Dr. Mansour SolaimanianPennsylvania Transportation InstituteDeveloping FDR Standards and SpecificationsWatch
21Jon EppsTexas Transportation Institute Performance-Based In-Place Recycling SpecificationsWatch
22Todd ThomasRoad Science, L.L.C. Mix DesignWatch
23Mike VothFederal Lands Non-state DOT ApplicationsWatch
24Jason HarringtonFHWAUpdate of the CIR ReviewWatch
25Jeff MeltonUniversity of New Hampshire RMRC Status ReportWatch
26Gary CondonKennametal Inc. Use of Fine Milling Technology to Stretch Highway Maintenance Budget Watch
27All Public Agency RepresentativesState AgenciesLessons Learned: How Will States Implement In-Place Recycling?Watch---
28Jim PapasDelaware DOTThe Next Step: Meeting the Challenge for Energy and the EnvironmentWatch
29Dragos AndreiCal Poly PomonaPavement Recycling and Reclaiming CenterWatch
30Mike PolakE.J. BrenemanGeneral Overview of Field TripWatch
31Mike PolakE.J. BrenemanField Trip to CIR Construction SiteWatch---

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