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 A Global Perspective / Pioneers in asphalt
As highway construction and maintenance projects increase worldwide, Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions is uniquely positioned to respond to market demand with pioneering work in asphalt research and development, manufacturing, and marketing to asphalt suppliers around the world.
Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions

For over 90 years, the professional men and women of Hubbard Construction have literally paved the way for hundreds of public and private projects that have supported the Southeast’s rise to prominence.

Hubbard is one of Florida’s largest heavy civil construction companies. We are proud to be a part of Florida’s history and we are eager to continue to serve the Florida market and beyond.

The scope of Hubbard’s work includes complex highway projects, site development, paving, utility and drainage systems, surveying, RAP and hot mix sales, and state-of-the-art bridge building. We provide multiple delivery systems in design-build, bid-build, public/private-partnerships and design-build finance. Hubbard can take your job, no matter the size, from the design stage to the final layer of asphalt.

Hubbard Construction’s parent company, Eurovia, operates through a network of 330 agencies and 770 production sites, in 17 countries around the world.

Hubbard Construction

Pavement Technology, Inc., based in Westlake, Ohio has 40 years experience and history in providing products which allow government agencies of all sizes to efficiently and economically preserve roadways and extend the life of their asphalt roadways and concrete pavements.  The company works with agencies to demonstrate how they can implement cost effective pavement preservation treatments using available funds to address more miles of roadway annually and improve overall network conditions better than they can by using older conventional methods.

2014-08-05 11_59_09-KCA - Kisinger Campo & Associates Corp Home Page

Kisinger Campo & Associates

KCA is a multi-discipline engineering firm with offices throughout the Southeastern United States. Our core services include design, inspection, site planning, and asset management consulting in the transportation, general civil engineering, and construction services markets. We are a mid-sized firm consistently ranked among the Top 500 Design Firms by Engineering News Record.

PRI Asphalt Technologies is a national and global leader in testing and evaluation protocols for Paving, Roofing and Industrial market sectors worldwide. Founded in 1990, we provide accredited, independent (Statement of Independence) , third-party testing, evaluation, and technical services to all parts of the asphalt industry.

PRI’s state-of-the-art, 20,000-square-foot laboratory in Tampa, Florida and our Midwest location in Munster, IN are staffed by more than 20 professionals and technicians who have over 200 years of combined experience.

Industry Members

Asphalt_Paving_Systems_Banner_033115_(3) (Medium)

Asphalt Paving Systems, now in its third decade in business, under the ownership and direction of Bob Capoferri, is active in micro surface installation and road construction projects in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.

Bob started the company in Hammonton, NJ in 1985. He developed a strong construction company with highly skilled crews, modern state of the art equipment, and the capability to produce a quality line of asphalt emulsion products. His work has spanned the globe from ports overseas to the Azures in Portugal to the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States.

The company’s work ranges from producing and supplying Asphalt Emulsion Products, Micro-surfacing roads in 1/4″ thin lifts that are cost effective and environmentally friendly, to the reclamation and reconstruction of roads. Asphalt Paving Systems works in site development, drainage, pipe work, HMA paving, and all types of concrete construction.

Cutler Repaving is North America’s largest and most experienced authority in single pass asphalt recycling.

Cutler originated single pass asphalt recycling technology in 1965, and has spent more than four decades refining and perfecting the pavement recycling process. Cutler’s single pass single machine method has recycled over 190 million square yards of existing asphalt roadways in 32 states and 350 cities. Whether it’s for highways, urban/arterial roads, or residential streets, Cutler’s Single Machine Asphalt Recycling System is the ideal method to rejuvenate pavement with a minimum amount of public inconvenience.

No other HIR pavement recycling contractor comes close to Cutler’s level of experience and expertise. It’s reputation for customer satisfaction is demonstrated by repeat business of 90%.

The original inventor of styrenic block co-polymer (SBC) chemistry in the 1960s, Kraton Performance Polymers Inc continues its year-on-year commitment to engineering precise polymer solutions in partnership with innovators worldwide. With unmatched supply reliability and global reach, Kraton Polymers is the world’s leading manufacturer of SBCs, unique polyisoprene grades, and is the industry’s backstage partner helping fuel tomorrow’s market innovations.

Kraton Polymers

Mariani Asphalt

We pound the pavement to keep your budget in the black. We check it in the field. We take it to our lab. Then we bake it, boil it, and freeze it. Expand it, contract it, and compact it. We melt it, dissolve it, and test it.

In short, we do everything we know to understand everything we can about asphalt. We look for ways to make it better, ways to make it stronger, ways to make it last longer, and ways to make it more cost-effective for you.

Asphalt is our business. And we only stay in business by making a product that lasts as long as it’s supposed to…and then some. It has to work—or your budget doesn’t.

So, we pound the pavement to make sure.

se-emulsionsSoutheast Emulsions is a part of Colas, a world leader in road construction and maintenance. Colas builds and maintains roads, airport runways and surfaces, parking lots and parking garage surfaces.

Southeast Emulsions, A vertically integrated Pavement Preservation solution provider supplying Pavement Preservation products and the services to apply and maintain Interstates, State highways, city streets, county roads, airports, airstrips and all other road surfaces.

T.L. Wallace Construction, Inc. constructs buildings, bridges, highways, and public works projects throughout Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida.

Industry Associate Members

Bowman Consulting Group

We’re Dynamic, Progressive, and Diversified

Success doesn’t just happen. It’s the result of thoughtful planning and focused action. At Bowman Consulting, we work with intention to deliver outstanding project results, build long-lasting relationships and grow our organization to serve a constantly changing marketplace.

We are Dynamic
Leadership is more than a layer in an organization; it’s a state of mind. If working with great people who get excited about your success sounds fun, you’re in the right place. Bowman offers clients on-demand technical genius and industry leading talent that, when combined, produce innovative, effective results. 

We are Progressive
Our clients know their industry, their product and their end-user. It’s our job to know our clients, their project drivers and how to achieve them. We press toward progress – standing at the ready to deliver the latest and greatest development strategies, design concepts and technological advancements to your next project.

We are Diversified
As a result of systematic corporate planning and diligent implementation, Bowman Consulting continues to grow and expand in a time when others are satisfied to live another day. Focused expansion has resulted in a national project portfolio and opportunities to increase our geographic presence to benefit our new and existing clients. 

Bowman Consulting Group

North Florida Emulsions

Government Members

Bay County

Bay County

Bay County Public Works Dept.
840 West 11th Street
(850) 248-8301

Roads & Bridges Division
517th E. 9th Street

The mission of the Roads & Bridges Division is to maintain and repair over 746 miles of paved (494) and dirt (252) roadways with drainage, 52 bridges and 70 miles of primary drainage systems/easements to provide a safe and reliable transportation network and a stormwater system that minimizes flooding and protects the environment.

Citrus County

Citrus County

Department of Public Works
3600 West Sovereign Path, Suite 212
Lecanto, Florida 34461
(352) 527-5477


Public Works Administration manages and guides six divisions whose responsibilities include the long term planning, development and maintenance of the County’s infrastructure. Additional responsibilities of DPW Administration include Aviation (Crystal Aero Group), ADA compliance, and the design, development and implementation of County building projects. The Beverly Hills and Citrus Springs MSBU projects are also coordinated through this office.

This department manages:

Aquatic Services
Facilities Management
Fleet Management
Grounds Maintenance
Road Maintenance
Solid Waste Management

City of Cape Coral

City of Cape Coral

The Public Works Department is a diverse group of divisions that are primarily responsible for maintenance, operations, disposal of, and engineering support for Cape Coral’s infrastructure (to include: roads, canals, stormwater systems, etc.).


To provide high quality standards of service in an efficient and timely manner in order to satisfy the needs of the citizens within Cape Coral and offer assistance to management and other departments throughout the City.


Planning and Permitting: Managed by Persides Zambrano, AICP, at (239) 574-0733. Provides supervision and direction to support the long range planning efforts and the issuance of permits within the Public Works Department. Oversees the Geographic Information System (GIS) that is part of the Public Works Department.

Environmental Resources: Managed by Connie Jarvis, at (239) 574-0745. Monitors the terrestrial and aquatic environments; provides environmental guidance for sustainable and responsible development through cooperative education, habitat enhancement and other interdependent people/nature processes.

Survey: Managed by Tom Chernesky, at (239) 574-0713. Provides professional surveying services for the City of Cape Coral in support of engineering projects within the public rights of way (ROW), and City owned properties.

Design and Construction: Managed by Stephanie R. Smith, P.E., (239) 242-3218. Prepares the necessary plans and specifications for Transportation and Drainage Capital Projects and then implements the construction of the improvements. The Capital Projects are identified by the Planning and Permitting Division, as well as other divisions, and using the information obtained by Survey and in coordination with the Environmental Resources Division, prepares the necessary construction plans. Project management and inspection services are provided during the construction of the improvements, whether by Maintenance staff or outside contractors.

Maintenance: Managed by Chris Camp, at (239) 574-0891. Provides administrative support. Responsible for stormwater management maintenance to include catch basin repair, street sweeping, swale reconstruction, and drainpipe replacement and improvements. It also provides the maintenance of medians, road shoulders, bridge repairs, pothole repairs, and removal of exotic plants, new sidewalk construction and repair.

City of Tampa

City of Tampa

The City of Tampa is the largest city in Hillsborough County, is the county seat and is the third most populous city in Florida. It is located on the west coast of Florida, approximately 200 miles northwest of Miami, 180 southwest of Jacksonville, and 20 miles northeast of St. Petersburg. The population of the city represents approximately one-third of the total population of Hillsborough County. Tampa’s economy is founded on a diverse base that includes tourism, agriculture, construction, finance, health care, government, technology, and the port of Tampa. Contributing to the success of our community is the way businesses, City government, and citizens work together to make Tampa a better place to live.

The Department of Public Works dedication is to provide safe mobility by maintaining all the Right of Way assets such as Roads, Sidewalk, Traffic Signals, Traffic Signs, Pavement Markings, Street Lights, Special Events, Permit Inspections and movable Bridges.

FHWA Florida Division Office

FHWA Florida Division Office

The Florida Division of the FHWA does not build or repair roads in the state. Rather, it provides funding for qualifying state and local highway and other related transportation projects. In addition, the division offers technical assistance and oversight to ensure federal requirements are met, such as the provisions of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969.

Florida Association of County Engineers & Road Superintendents (FACERS)

Florida Association of County Engineers & Road Superintendents (FACERS)

The Florida Association of County Engineers and Road Superintendents (FACERS) is entrusted by professional obligation

  • to monitor and offer opinions on related state and national legislation affecting transportation and public works;
  • to contribute to the development and/or revision of statewide standard specifications and guideline documents;
  • to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, technical information and best practices;
  • and to offer opinions on related local, state and national legislation to assure every community of the best possible engineering available.

Florida DOT

Our Vision
Serving the people of Florida by delivering a transportation system that is fatality and congestion free.

Hardee County

Hardee County

Road and Bridge Department
205 Hanchey Road

Wauchula, Florida 33873

Mission Statement

This department serves to maintain the County’s transportation system including roads and bridges and provides a safe system to develop and provide high levels of service by planning, scheduling and controlling these systems. This is the largest department within the county and they are responsible for the construction and maintenance of 310 miles of paved roads, 201 miles of unpaved roads, and 70 bridges. In addition, they are responsible for evaluating and issuing permits for telephone, culvert, electrical and private utility infrastructures placed within the right of ways, and signs, ditch and culvert repair and maintenance.

Hernando County

Hernando County

Department of Public Works
1525 East Jefferson Street
Brooksville, Florida 34601
email hidden; JavaScript is required

The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of 1,595+ miles of roadways; including all traffic signals, stop signs, markings, traffic studies, drainage remedies, grading, patching, mowing and other associated road work.

The Public Works Department is also responsible for selected Capital Improvement Projects and all road projects funded with Transportation Trust Funds, Impact Fees and Residential Road Paving funds. DPW also conducts comprehensive planning for 5 year projections for roads and drainage as well as 5 year comprehensive plans with SWFWMD.

Hillsborough County

Hillsborough County

Mission Statement
The mission of Hillsborough County government is to provide effective quality service at a reasonable cost with courtesy, integrity and accountability in a manner that protects and enhances the quality of life of our diverse population.

Jackson County

Jackson County

Road and Bridge Department
2828 Owens Street
Marianna, Florida 32446
850-482-9629 (Office)

850-482-9063 (Fax)

Welcome Statement
Welcome to the Jackson County Board of Commissioners website, your online source for county services and information. Our new easy-to-use site offers you more online services, more information, and a powerful searching tool – allowing you to conveniently interact with your County.

City of Kissimmee Public Works


The Public Works & Engineering Department is divided into six divisions:

Administration Division
The Administration Division oversees the entire Public Works & Engineering Department.

Engineering Division
The Engineering Construction Division performs plan reviews and site inspections relating to the paving and drainage of all private and public projects within the City limits.

Stormwater Engineering Division
The Stormwater Engineering Division oversees the Water Quality Monitoring and Stormwater Management Modeling for the City.

Stormwater Division
The Stormwater Division maintains stormwater sewers, canals and ditches.

Streets Division
The Streets Division maintains the City’s streets, sidewalks, landscaping, streetlights, and rights-of-way.

Sanitation Division
The Sanitation Division provides the City’s residential solid waste collection, oversees the franchised commercial solid waste collection and operates the Weld Shop.

Traffic Division
The Traffic Division maintains the signalization of the City’s streets, conducts traffic counts on major City streets, and maintains all the traffic signs within the City.

The Roads & Drainage Division has eight satellite Maintenance Facilities strategically located throughout the County. Other sections within the division include Administration, Paving and Earthworks, Drainage, MSTU and Spray, Heavy Equipment, Construction, Contract, Research and Technical.

Leon County

Department of Public Works
2280 Miccosukee Road
Tallahassee, Florida 32308
(850) 606-1537

Planning, Building, & Maintaining Quality Infrastructure

Public Works Administration is responsible for the oversight, monitoring, policy development and coordination of the largest Department within Leon County. The Public Works Department consists of eight major divisions: Administration/Transportation Systems, Engineering Services, Operations, Mosquito Control & Stormwater Maintenance, Parks & Recreation, Fleet Management.

Orange County Public Works

Orange County

The Roads and Drainage Division maintains roadways and drainage facilities in unincorporated Orange County. The facilities maintained include 2,600 miles of roadway and over 1,400 storm water retention ponds. The Division also maintains over 95 miles of primary drainage canals and over 75 miles of secondary drainage outfalls. Other storm water related functions performed by the Division include operation and maintenance of storm water pump stations, drain wells, and flood control structures.

The Roads & Drainage Division has eight satellite Maintenance Facilities strategically located throughout the County. Other sections within the division include Administration, Paving and Earthworks, Drainage, MSTU and Spray, Heavy Equipment, Construction, Contract, Research and Technical.

Osceola County

Osceola County

Pinellas County

Pinellas County

Pompano Beach Public Works

Pompano Beach

Putnam County Public Works

Putnam County

The Villages Community Development Districts

The Villages Community Development Districts

Town of Southwest Ranches Public Works

Town of Southwest Ranches

The Public Works Department has responsibility for Waste, Canals and Drainage, Roads, Traffic, and Utilities.

G.D. “Willie” Nabong, P.E.
Town Engineer
E-mail: email hidden; JavaScript is required
Telephone: 954-343-7444
13400 Griffin Road, Southwest Ranches, Florida 33330-2628

Private Member

Walt Disney World
Walt Disney World

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