TSP Research Roadmap

The FHWA in partnership with the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and the preservation industry, have sponsored a study to delineate the most critical knowledge gaps in pavement and bridge preservation and the research which is necessary to fill those gaps. This Transportation System Preservation (TSP) Research, Development, and Implementation Roadmap is the output of that partnership effort, and was compiled using input received during three (3) regional workshops conducted in 2007.

Working together with preservation practitioners from state, provincial, and local transportation agencies; industry, academia, and the FHWA; this effort has resulted in the development of a broad array of pavement and bridge preservation research needs statements which comprise the “TSP Research Roadmap,” now available for download below.

(Note:¬†For detailed research needs statements, please refer to the Roadmap report’s appendices.)

The TSP Research Roadmap – Updated January 2008

Other Preservation Research Roadmaps
Presented below for informational and comparison purposes, are proposed preservation research activities that have been developed and submitted by other preservation task groups. To submit your preservation roadmap or list of problem statements, please contact the TSP2 site administrator. Please submit research matrices in MS Word and/or Adobe PDF format.

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