Asphalt Binders and Emulsions

John Warner | October 2016

View Video on Green Chemistry & Commercial Applications

Download Green Chemistry & Commercial Applications PDF

Dave Welborn | October 2016

View Video on Ensuring Quality Mix Designs

Download Ensuring Quality Mix Designs PDF

Debbi Deep | April 2015

View video on Slurry Seal and Micro Surfacing Emulsion Properties

Download Slurry Seal and Micro Surfacing Emulsion Properties PDF

Asphalt Binders and Emulsions

Presentation Title Presenter Date PDF
View VideoEmulsion Specifications (Q & A) Galehouse, Larry 2020-09-29
View VideoRubberized Chip Seals Quire, Dan 2019-03-25 Download PDF
View VideoGreen Chemistry & Commercial Applications Warner, John 2016-10-11 Download PDF
View VideoEnsuring Quality Mix Designs Welborn, Dave 2016-10-11 Download PDF
View VideoEmulsion Task Force Update Lubbers, Chris 2015-10-19 Download PDF
View VideoSlurry Seal and Micro Surfacing Emulsion Properties Debbi Deep 2015-04-30 Download PDF
View VideoAsphalt Rubber What You Need to Know Belshe, Mark 2014-10-09 Download PDF
View VideoPPETG Emulsion Task Force Update Lubbers, Chris 2014-10-09 Download PDF
View VideoHighly Modified Binders for Thin Lift and Microsurfacing Emulsion Applications Lubbers, Chris 2013-11-12 Download PDF
View VideoNew Test Methods for Emulsified Asphalts Salomon, Delmar 2013-10-08 Download PDF
View VideoIdentifying Research Needs for Emulsion Applications Franco, Colin 2011-11-09 Download PDF
View VideoAsphalt Quality Harder, Greg 2011-11-09 Download PDF
View VideoEmulsions 101 Dougherty, Jack 2011-10-05 Download PDF
View VideoA Study of Extracted Binder Properties Daniel, Jo Sias 2010-11-09 Download PDF
View VideoRoundtable on Emulsions and Testing Procedures Lubbers, Chris; Baughman, Barry; Kadrmas, Arlis; Mc Glumphy, Kevin; Anspaugh, Chris 2010-09-15
View VideoFederal Lands Study on Polymer Modified Emulsions Voth, Mike 2009-10-27 Download PDF
View VideoQuality Assurance for Emulsions Kadrmas, Arlis 2009-10-14 Download PDF
View VideoIdaho's Emulsified Asphalt Quality Assurance Program Santi, Mike 2009-10-14 Download PDF
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