Local & Agency Programs

Richie Beyer | October 2016

View Video on Pavement Preservation and Local Agencies

Download Pavement Preservation and Local Agencies PDF

Richard Turner | March 2015

View Video on 2014 Sorenson Award Winner Charleston County

Download 2014 Sorenson Award Winner Charleston County PDF

Steve Warren | August 2012

View Video on Kent County's Pavement Preservation Program

Download Kent County's Pavement Preservation Program PDF

Local & Agency Programs

Presentation Title Presenter Date PDF
View VideoWelcome to Tennessee & Pavement Preservation Impact on Tennessee DOT Paul Degges Oct-16
View VideoPavement Preservation and Local Agencies Richie Beyer Oct-16 Download PDF
View VideoPavement Preservation: NACE Perspective Todd Kinney Oct-16 Download PDF
View VideoMissouri DOT: Pavement Preservation for Local Agencies Todd Miller Oct-16 Download PDF
View VideoNorth Dakota: Innovation Building Blocks Dale Heglund Oct-16 Download PDF
View VideoIndiana LTAP: Local Government Asset Management and Pavement Preservation Richard Domonkos Oct-16 Download PDF
View VideoNew Hampshire Technology Transfer Center Charles Goodspeed Oct-16 Download PDF
View VideoNevada LTAP: Teaching Pavement Preservation Jim Nichols Oct-16 Download PDF
View VideoThe Value of Pavement Preservation to Local Agencies Brian Stacy Oct-16 Download PDF
View VideoMontana's Approach to Pavement Preservation Matt Strizich Oct-15 Download PDF
View VideoComplete Streets and Pavement Preservation Scott Gibson Oct-15 Download PDF
View VideoPavement Preservation at the Local Level Mike Ross Sep-15 Download PDF
View VideoKansas City Pavement Preservation Program Griffin Smith Sep-15 Download PDF
View VideoLow Volume Road Preservation Dale Heglund Sep-15 Download PDF
View Video2014 Sorenson Award Winner Charleston County Rod Birdsall & Richard Turner Mar-15 Download PDF
View VideoCharleston County Program Jim Armstrong Mar-15 Download PDF
View VideoLocal Agency Councils Chuck Williams May-14 Download PDF
View VideoIndiana LTAP Presentation Raymie Eckerle & Richard Domonkos Nov-13
View VideoBexar County Preservation Program Tony Vasquez May-13 Download PDF
View VideoImplementing a Local Pavement Preservation Program in Delaware County Chris Bauserman Aug-12 Download PDF
View VideoExperience & Performance of Pavement Preservation Activities in Nashville David Hein & Don Reid Aug-12 Download PDF
View VideoKent County's Pavement Preservation Program Steve Warren Aug-12 Download PDF
View VideoSonoma County, California - Pavement Preservation Program Phil Demery Aug-12 Download PDF
View VideoPavement Preservation in Denver, Colorado Pat Kennedy Aug-12 Download PDF
View VideoLTAP Panel Discussion David Orr & Chris Ahmadjian Nov-11 Download PDF
View VideoPavement Preservation for County Governments George Johnson Oct-11 Download PDF
View VideoIndiana's Pavement Preservation Initiative Todd Shields Oct-11 Download PDF
View VideoA County Perspective on Pavement Preservation Timothy Hens Nov-10 Download PDF
View VideoPreservation in the National Park Service John Tauscher Nov-10 Download PDF
View VideoLocal Preservation Efforts - Balance of Preservation, Maintenance, and Expansion Dave Babbitt Oct-10 Download PDF
View VideoPavement Preservation in the Federal Lands Highway Program Mike Voth Oct-10 Download PDF
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