Paint & Coatings

Presentation Title Presenter Date PDF
View VideoUltra-Weatherable Fluoropolymer Bridge Coatings Winn Darden 2019-May Download PDF
View VideoWashington DOT's Steel Bridge Paint Program DeWayne Wilson 2019-May Download PDF
View VideoToward a 100 Year Bridge Coating System: Bridge Coatings in Japan Winn Darden 2018-Apr Download PDF
View VideoProtective Coatings for Bridge Preservation Jeffrey Pouliotte / Sarah Sondag / Paul Vinik / Rex Costley / Derrik Castle 2018-Apr Download PDF
View VideoImplementation of Steel Coating Other Bridge Rehabilitation Projects Rex Costley 2018-Apr Download PDF
View VideoNCHRP Domestic Scan Tour 15-03 Preservation Practices for Steel Bridge Paul Vinik 2018-Apr Download PDF
View VideoBridge Maintenance Painting in the Land of 10,000 Lakes: MnDOT's Novel Approach to Improving Bridge Richard Burgess / Sarah Sondag 2018-Apr Download PDF
View VideoThin Film Coatings-Paint Protecting Reinforced Concrete Bridge Derrick Castle 2018-Apr Download PDF
View VideoNew Jersey Turnpike Authority Bridge Coating Assesment and Repainting Capitol Program Mark Nyerges 2018-Apr Download PDF
View VideoPolyaspartic Coatings for Reducing Bridge Maintenance Painting Costs Mark Hudson 2018-Apr Download PDF
View VideoSR 292 Over Perdido Keys - Challenges to Field Metalizing of Steel Superstructure Christopher Sasher / Greg Richards 2017-May Download PDF
View VideoMetallizing and Coating of the Stickney Point Draw Bridge Frank Rea 2017-Apr Download PDF
View VideoContinious Galvinizing of Rebars Duplex Coatings, and Metalizing Mike Stroia 2017-Apr Download PDF
View VideoDomestic Scan 15-03 Successful Preservation Practices For Steel Bridge Coatings Charlie Brown 2016-Sep Download PDF
View VideoProtective Coatings for Steel and Concrete Bridge Components Bobby Meade 2016-Sep Download PDF
View VideoProtecting Bridge Steel Using A Duplex Coating System Bobby Meade 2015-Sep Download PDF
View VideoMetalizing & Galvanizing Case Studies Kevin Irving 2015-Sep Download PDF
View VideoApplying Protective Coatings to a Range of Bridge Substrates Bobby Meade 2015-Apr Download PDF
View VideoCoatings for Structural Concrete Ted Hopwood 2013-Nov Download PDF
View VideoAmerican Galvanizing Association Kevin Irving 2013-Nov Download PDF
View VideoPreparing Steel for Coatings: Surface Preparation Methods for Bridge Maintenance Pete Weykamp 2013-Sep Download PDF
View VideoMaintenance Painting - Protective Coatings and Coating Systems for Bridges Greg Richards & Buddy Grisso 2013-Apr Download PDF
View VideoOptions For Bridge Maintenance Painting Bobby Meade 2013-Apr Download PDF
View VideoA Rational Approach for Planning Bridge Repainting Projects Jeff Pouliotte 2013-Apr Download PDF
View VideoMoving Bridge Painting Into The 21st Century Bobby Meade 2012-Oct Download PDF
View VideoPreserving Bridge Superstructures- Coatings and Other Options Ted Hopwood 2012-Oct Download PDF
View VideoNew Jersey DOT Bridge Painting Program Atta Najem 2012-Sep Download PDF
View VideoMaintenance Painting Eric Kline 2012-Apr Download PDF
View VideoPaints and Overcoats John Buxton 2011-Sep Download PDF
View VideoResearch for Maintenance Coatings Bobby Meade 2011-Sep Download PDF
View VideoTackling a Big Structure: Painting the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge (Part 1) Wayne Currie 2011-Apr Download PDF
View VideoTackling a Big Structure: Painting the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge (Part 2) Aaron Dacey 2011-Apr Download PDF
View VideoDetermining the Overcoatability of Existing Coating Systems on Steel Structures Eric Kline 2010-Nov Download PDF
View VideoCondition Assessment Guide for Bridge Coatings Dr. Glenn Washer 2010-Oct Download PDF
View VideoNew Jersey DOT Steel Bridge Painting Program Richard Dunne 2010-Sep Download PDF
View VideoCleaning and Painting Steel Bridges Frank Rea 2010-Apr Download PDF
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