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Advisory Board

National Center for Pavement Preservation
Advisory Board
November 15, 2023

Name Affiliation Representative Organization Expiration Year
Rick Church, Co-Chair Executive Director, FP2, Inc. FP2 Member 2025
Peter Savolainen, Co-Chair Interim Chairperson, MSU Civil & Environmental Engineering Academic Member 2026
Dan Koeninger AEMA Board, Terry Asphalt Industry Member 2024
Jason Gutting Director Bureau of Field Services Michigan DOT 2024
Colin Durante President, Pavement Technology, Inc. Industry Member 2024
Chuck Ingram Business Development Manager, Slurry Pavers Inc. Industry Member 2025
La Toya Johnson Pavement Design & Performance Team Leader, FHWA FHWA Liaison 2024
Kevin Lang Marathon County Highway Department NACE Member 2024
John Rathbun Vice-President Sales, Cutler Repaving, Inc. FP2 Member 2024
John Roberts Executive Director, IGGA At-Large Member 2024
Vacant AASHTO Member
Vacant AASHTO Member
Vacant AASHTO – Bridge


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