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NCPP Direction


To stand out as the valued leading expert source and resource for preserving and maintaining our nation’s transportation assets.


To make a positive and tangible impact on the state of the practice and knowledge to preserve and maintain our nation’s transportation infrastructure.  As such, NCPP identifies, promotes, and facilitates the implementation and dissemination of proven solutions, best practices, and emerging technologies to cost-effectively preserve and maintain our nation’s transportation infrastructure.  NCPP also consolidates the concerns and needs of its partners and stakeholders; and provides an environment for learning and training as well.


The NCPP is values driven.  The following shared core values guide our actions, behaviors, and the way we do business:


We are accountable and take responsibility for our actions, behaviors, performance, and decisions.


We engage in direct and open communications. We believe that sharing information and ideas is essential. We practice active listening.


We seek out and gather perspectives and insight from others as we believe that teamwork and synergistic partnerships are key for supporting our endeavors. We believe in the positive power of consensus building as we grow through cooperation and collaboration with our colleagues and partners.


In the words of C.S. Lewis, humility “is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less.” We genuinely value individual performance but certainly not at the expense of the team as we view each other as colleagues and fully understand that success is never achieved alone.  We value learning from others as part of our continuous growth and pursuit of knowledge.


We believe technological advances and innovation, as well as openness to transformative change, are critical to the advancement of both knowledge and practice.


We demonstrate integrity, openness, and honesty as well as a commitment to the promises we make. We ensure that what is promised is achievable.


We promote an atmosphere of respect. We value the diversity of ideas and points of view.


We are committed, passionate, and believe in what we do.  We deliver services timely, effectively, and professionally.  We promote responsibility, accountability, transparency, and excellence in all services we deliver and programs we administer.  We strive for excellence and exceptionalism.


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