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Georgia Carolina Pavement Preservation Council


The Georgia Carolina Pavement Preservation Council (GCPPC), organized in 2011, is comprised of contractors, suppliers, consultants, local government officials, and academia.

GCPPC Brochure 2014

GCPPC Membership Form

GCPPC Members

Vision Statement

The purpose of the GCPPC is to support education and advance outreach assistance to local agencies throughout Georgia and South Carolina for pavement preservation and asset management.

Mission Statement

The National Center for Pavement Preservation (NCPP) has partnered with the GCPPC to champion our effort in Georgia and South Carolina. The NCPP is a non-profit, quasi-government organization recognized nationally as the leader in pavement preservation. The NCPP administers the AASHTO TSP•2 (Transportation System Preservation Technical Services Program) and is actively engaged with the FHWA Office of Asset Management. NCPP is an authorized provider of continuing education credits.


The Council firmly adheres to the standards and ethics of honesty, integrity, quality, dedication, inclusiveness and highly developed competency.


GCPPC By-Laws (.pdf)

GCPPC Code of Ethics (.pdf)

GPPC Webinar Series –  Pavement Management Plan Development and Implementation Pavement Preservation and Beyond

Part 1 – The Basics

Part 2 – Distress Identification and Analysis

Part 3 – Top of the Curve Treatments

Part 4 – Thin Overlays, In-place Recycling, and Reclamation

DOT Specifications

Georgia and South Carolina DOT Specifications
The Georgia and South Carolina Departments of Transportation have made available the following specifications for posting on the GCPPC’s Web Page.

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Rex Eberly Local Agency Outreach Coordinator email hidden; JavaScript is required
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