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The Florida Pavement Preservation Council is a partnership of agency, industry and academia professionals in Florida focused on the promotion of Pavement Preservation Principles through Education.

FPPC Training
We would like to announce the upcoming training opportunities available to you:

March 26, 2020 from 2PM to 3:30PM EST
The Florida Pavement Preservation Council in concert with the Florida LTAP Center is presenting this Free Webinar – Pavement Preservation: A Federal, State and Local Perspective.

This webinar will provide attendees with new insight on how to manage their pavements as long-term investments. It covers pavement management concepts, introductions to specific treatments and why utilizing these treatments can be the single best strategy to increase the number of miles treated without increased funding. New tools will be introduced for agency staff and elected officials struggling to successfully address the needs of their road network. The benefits of preservation treatments will be briefly discussed to demonstrate that when pro-actively applied to sound pavements, improved pavement performance, longer pavement life and increased customer satisfaction result. The workshop will conclude with a 30-minute roundtable with the host on their experience with pavement preservation, how it’s funded, what challenges they faced, and their policy on encouraging the use of pavement preservation.

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Vision Statement

The Florida Pavement Preservation Council believes that education in Pavement Preservation Principles will lead to the application of sound and cost effective engineering and business practices and result in improved levels of service to the motoring public.

Mission Statement

The Council will provide ongoing regional education workshops through the National Center for Pavement Preservation for promoting the sound principles and genuine benefits of pavement preservation practices.


The Council firmly adheres to the standards and ethics of honesty, integrity, quality, dedication, inclusiveness and highly developed competency.

Strategic Goals

  • Promote the implementation and benefits of pavement preservation principles through training and education throughout communities in Florida.
  • Provide recommended regional specifications and guidelines for pavement preservation techniques in Florida.
  • Foster beneficial technology transfers between academia, industry, and agencies.


FPPC By-Laws

FPPC Code of Ethics

Local Agency Membership Application
To become a member fill out the Florida Council Contribution Form or use
the Online Application Form.


FPPC Council Meeting

Contact the following for information:


Chris Evers, Coordinator             (727) 638-1699                             email hidden; JavaScript is required
Larry Galehouse, Local Agency Outreach Coordinator                 email hidden; JavaScript is required
NCPP                                             (517) 432-8220                              email hidden; JavaScript is required

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